What does this mean?

Aarish Shah
3 min readMar 26, 2017

I woke up the other day realising I was a few readers short of the elusive one oh oh oh.

I even took a screen shot when I got close.

Caught it before it crossed the line

A thousand seems a lot. I remember raising a thousand pounds for charity when I was younger. That felt like a huge deal at the time.

But I follow writers on Medium with tens of thousands of readers. I follow a couple of Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers.

But I don’t necessarily engage with the writers / owners of those accounts in a way that actually adds value to the conversation.

I’m just an eyeball.

I want my writing here on Medium to be about much more than clicks and eyeballs. I would like it to be worth something.

I would like for readers to get a kick out of what I’ve written. To maybe pause and think. Or to learn something helpful. Or just to find a moment of levity in an otherwise heavy day.

So it was apt that that was also the day that I signed up to the new Medium subscription plan.

Because, and I appreciate that there’s a long way to go here, I can’t pretend to want people to value what I write if I’m not ready to value it myself (and let’s face it $5 is not exactly a bank breaker).

So thanks to

for being bold enough to embark on a model that they would have known from day one would garner a lot of scepticism and outrage from those that would like this platform to remain completely free (and don’t get me wrong, if id were still free I’d still be pretty happy).

But mainly, a huge thank you to the thousand plus of you who’ve decided to take a peek at what I have to say and think it’s worth sticking around to keep reading along.

I’ve always said I’d write no matter the audience.

But an audience helps me write better.

So what does this mean? More of the same, and maybe a little something different now and again, you know, just to keep you on your toes!

Much love.

Notice the subtle changes around my profile picture and under my name? Oh and that cool, elusive letter after the number, so elegant in its minimalism. OK I’ll stop now.

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