Top Notch!

Aarish Shah
2 min readMar 2, 2017

Turning into one of those weeks! Milestones, milestones, milestones. Happy to be on my writing journey here with so many other talented, motivated, impressive writers on Medium.

Thanks Medium Staff, Medium and of course Ev Williams for continuing to burn the torch for quality writing.

Couldn’t do anything without Debora Shah, Ishani Shah and my little Saranya — they give me the strength to keep writing, every day.

Ultimately it’s not about what I write, it’s about everyone who’s taken the time to read, reflect and respond to what I put on the page…

Eduardo Furbino Suzanne Lawless Ruth Victoria Karde Scott James Becks Robert Breanne Bryans Bridge Mark Pitman FeetSeñor James Writes Focus Blue Rachel B. Baxter ottaross swetaroychoudhury Linda Caroll Lincoln W Daniel Emily Roberts iNahid📱 Upscribe Tiffany Sun Marlin J Schabell Johnson Kee May Chen Tamyka Bell brianna jiménez Dennett Vernon Goddard Cassie Green Gail Boenning Mercedes Tracy Sand Farnia Joshua Hehe Indira Reddy Bryan Kehler Richard Subber Kate Cubley Wild Flower Dave Schools David Smooke Franiel Blair Jose Mel Jeffrey Field Omer Molad Patti Johnson John Rowles and so many more….

But of course I couldn’t finish this without thanking Medium’s Resident Cheerleader — SF Ali — who’s often the lone green heart when I’m questioning the craft.

Love and peace to all!

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