These Summer Days

Aarish Shah
1 min readAug 1, 2017

The sun's heat lingers on my skin

The scent of oil and baked air permeates all

Idly, we rest in the shadows

Now and then finding succour in the cool pools at the shore

These summer days were meant for lazing

For fervid kisses and exotic sounding drinks

For the splash of children at their merriment

The giggles of youth at play

A time to watch and to be watched

Sultry glances and aching arousal

Bodies burnished by eternities stretched under ever stronger rays

Ardour and amour

The respite of dusk and white linen is welcome

As the heat dissipates and the languorous day ends

We wait nonetheless to return, to live, these tempestuous summer days.

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Aarish Shah

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