Note to Self — Episode 8


Aarish Shah
Feb 15, 2021


When you look back over all the incredible things that had to come together for you to be here today it is impossible to not just stop and sit down dumbfounded and in an uncomprehending daze.

From the first fish to your first wish, the events that led from then to now are and were astounding.

But, beyond that, I’ve long believed everything in our lives is nothing but serendipitous.

We can try to steer it or to game it but ultimately everything requires an element of the serendipitous.

Because life would be nothing if it weren’t filled with these moments, these glimpses of unbelievable impossibilities.

Of snatches of light amidst the darkness, of time given and time won, of words spoken silently and of friends met but never introduced.

Yes, life would be nothing if life were not…




Aarish Shah

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