Note to Self — Episode 13

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Aarish Shah
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


So I’m a startup CFO.

Like, I spend my time telling young businesses how to raise money, how to spend it, where to ‘invest’ it and how to make more of it (to varying degrees of success — there’s no magic wand and if the business or its underlying proposition is deemed as being interesting enough, scalable enough, valuable enough).

What’s interesting is that I’ve been a story teller most of my life.

English was my first love, swiftly followed by Spanish and Italian. I loved the literature, the language and the images I could weave with a well woven word.

I loved hip hop and the smooth, intricate, sometimes jagged rhymes artists would spill out of my speakers as my head nodded along.

And my response to that was to write poetry, to create my own rhymes and rhythm — though I have never spoken the words I’ve so enjoyed writing.

But my other love has been numbers. Their simple complexity, elegant syntax and infinite malleability intrigued me and provided a wonderful balance to my creativity.

So it was only natural that I would combine my love of numbers and words in a way that allowed me to satisfy the beauty I find in both.

Whether that is crafting a message on a pitch deck, giving the reader just enough to draw them in, piquing their interest but leaving them on tenterhooks; or through a financial model telling those same stories with digits, a narrative of numbers and a tale threaded in formulas and functions.

Numbers compel me and complete the balance to my words.

They are as part of me as breath and as important to me as words could ever be.

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