Note to Self

Episode 1

Aarish Shah


Some years ago, I got into the habit of writing — and publishing — every day.

I would pen a mix of poetry or longer form pieces depending on where my head was at at any point in time and every now and then would venture into something a little more specific, factual or topical because, well, why not.

Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve been writing mostly for myself. I started a journal around Feb last year and started counting the days since we went into our first lock down back in March.

Yesterday was day 324.

Today I decided it was time to start exercising my public writing muscles properly again, and using a trick I learned from the good folk at 100 Naked Words, I have decided to make writing, and publishing something daily a new habit.

I’m going to preface this as I always to with a caveat that I am not here to preach, to sneer or to make folk feel bad about themselves. Self loathing is easy enough without having others egg you on.

But I am here to be brutally honest with myself, and with you if you choose to join me on this self exploration I have chosen to entitle Notes to Self.

That honesty helps me understand my own motivations, my own failings, my own struggles and triggers as well as accept my own successes rather than playing them down.

So with that said, here we go…

I’m going to start with an exploration of the other habits I have formed this last year, what’s worked, what hasn’t and what I hope I’ve learned along the way.

Excercise is as much about the mind as it is the body

I have run every day since January 4th, 2020.

At least 3km, normally more, never more than 10 and probably closer to 5km on average.

I run after having warmed up with a 3km walk, I have done it outdoors almost 100% of the time since the gyms closed, the only few times I have resorted to cheap £100 second hand treadmill we bought was when it snowed quite recently and during some pretty torrential rain last year.

Let’s be clear about one thing: I did not lead anything approaching a healthy life until my mid 30s…



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