Not All Brown Guys are Terrorists

(Or Doctors, Accountants and Corner Shop Owners)

Brown People Come from Lots of Places

My Brown heritage is Indian, I know other Brown people who are of African descent. Some are South American whilst yet others are Mediterranean. Oh and a bunch of Brown people are Middle Eastern. And here, I’m not talking about nationality or residence, I’m talking about origin. Given the geographic spread and the fact that Brown people often can’t tell where another Brown person comes from — how is it that others are so confident in clumping them all together?

Brown People Move Around

Having established that Brown people come from all over the world, let’s also accept that they are everywhere; they’ve travelled the trade routes for centuries, they’ve been indentured, enslaved, built and moved with empires and in the last century or two have simply emigrated. Yes Brown people have pretty much figured out how to move around. Just look at the Indian diaspora in Africa, the Pacific, the US and the UK to name a few.

Brown People Don’t All Worship the Same God(s)

You’ve got your monotheistic Muslims, your South Indian Christians, your vedic polytheist Hindus, meditating Buddhists, non-violent Jains, Coptics, Jews... I mean, we Brown folk are pretty varied in our beliefs, in fact I’d be surprised if there was a major religion out there that didn’t include a fairly sizeable bunch of Brown folk amongst its congregation. Oh, and attending a mosque is not a sign of ‘anti-west’, prurient, misogynistic leanings. It’s a sign of connection with the divine.

Brown People go to the Same Schools and Universities as You Do

Yes not all Brown guys joined the local Islamic madrasa the minute they were able to recite some catechism (I’m sure the Q’ran has an equivalent, but I’m pretty confident many people reading this will get the Sunday School reference). Plenty of Brown chaps have attended some of the west’s more hallowed halls of learning — not to mention the east’s — and are some of the world’s luminaries. (Unfortunately many more Brown folk live in abject poverty, have low literacy and numeracy skills and can’t even access basic education let alone pursue a path through the Ivy League).

Brown People Work in All Sorts of Fields

That includes literal fields as farmers metaphorical ones like medicine and everything in between. They do own corner shops (or motels for my American readers), they are accountants and doctors. But they are also engineers, journalists, lawyers, educators, peacekeepers, cake makers, waiters, hairdressers, coders — funnily enough pretty much any job that’s out there, you’ll find at least one Brown person filing at least one role.

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Generalist | Thinker | Life Long Learner | Writer | Photographer

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Aarish Shah

Generalist | Thinker | Life Long Learner | Writer | Photographer