Just Hit Publish

Aarish Shah
2 min readJul 29, 2017

Hey there denizens of

, kind readers of the muddled medley of thoughts and scribblings I plaster across these page from time to time.

You may have noted a bit of a gap in my outpouring of output lately, I just wanted to let you know, it is not for want of words, but more for want of an ‘Add to Publication’ functionality on the Android app.

This got me thinking.

I’m currently in the midst of some of the most stunning countryside and wonderfully archaic architecture on the planet.

Granted, I get to spend a fairly regular amount of time roaming these golden Tuscan hills where my significantly significant other is from; but how to share the heady scent of hay bales baking under the sun, how to let you see the crystal clarity of the ancient sea in that moment of epiphany as I laze on azure shores.

How to communicate in the now, the terracotta heat in the still, dry air that clings to my skin, that bakes my senses.

Then it came to me. A solution so subtle that it had taken me months to stumble upon.

And what is this solution I hear you ask, what magic will allow me to muse more, to scrawl with impunity, to vomit verbiage continuously.


Just hit publish!



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