Aarish Shah

Dec 16, 2016

1 min read

Jon Westenberg when we communicate in 140 character bursts and frozen moments of photos it’s easy to give the impression we’re always on. It’s how people build their ‘I’m the biggest, hackiest, hustlingest, travelbeasty (insert attribute here) dude or dudette on the ranch’ brand.

And whilst it may be true of a few, for the many it’s just a wannabe projection.

Like you, my journal suffers (stopped mid November restart in the New Year cos — well you know), the call of the gym goes unanswered and I prefer to do the things I enjoy first. I haven’t counted my breath recently, didn’t attend the midnight ‘how to hack instagram’ webinar I’d signed up for and let me tell you, the last chapter I wrote in my vanity project book I’m shit scared of putting out into the light was several moons ago.

How do I not crumble into a heap of self pity and self loathing some may say. Because as you rightly say it’s ok. And I forgive myself for my shortcomings (forgive is strong maybe I just let them slide) and get on with life.

Thanks for sharing, it made lying in bed responding to this a worthwhile way to avoid my morning run!

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