I See the Smiles of Children

For the children who fell in Manchester on 22nd May 2017

Aarish Shah
1 min readMay 24, 2017
Photographed by me. London.

It’s bubonic

Quasi vitriolic

This plague like tonic

That we all keep sipping

And now we’re slipping


With what we say

Like some kind of bilious spray

That’s infected mankind

Forcing them to spew

Hate speech

From the alters and the pews

Reaching the weak minded few

Who make that decision

Make plans with sickening precision

To hurt the most pure of us

But I’m sure of this

We stand stronger and united

Won’t take it any longer, won’t be frightened

And even now as security gets heightened

I see the faces of brethren

See the smiles of children

And I know we’ll get through this

For, because of our differences, not despite them

This Land is united all man an’ yout dem

Written for those of us that stand together



Aarish Shah

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