Aarish Shah
1 min readJul 31, 2017

Here I closed my eyes
And let the sound of nothing
Wash over my soul

ADS Writes about the sea

As I keep hitting publish, just want to take a moment to shout out Rachel B. Baxter, her publication Poetry in Form keeps me writing Haikus and when the muse grips me I dabble in other forms too; and to ottaross without whose publication Poets Unlimited I wouldn’t be dabbling at all.

Beyond that to Tre L. Loadholt and Zev whose ongoing love fuels my desire to write, to Efe Nakpodia who gets it — whatever it is, to Terijo, Wild Flower, Anna Breslin, E. Scott Alighieri, Willow T. Lovelace, iNahid and all the other incredible writers too numerous to mention whose work I can only attempt to aspire towards.

Much love from the Italian coast, inspiration abounds.



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