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Aarish Shah


The Shard — London

First off the bat, I’ve got to say how great it is to be getting back into writing. It’s always been something I’ve loved, but would alway dip in and out, sometimes writing long form, other times (and for a long time) writing poetry and just riffing on the moment.

Right now, I feel like I’ve been getting back into my stride, whether that’s been writing stuff for the EmergeONE blog (spoiler alert, we’ve got some amazing pieces coming up, alongside a complete rebrand :) ), or this Sunday musing that has forced me to really think hard about myself and my place in the world, or even putting pen to screen as I scribble into the daily journal I’ve been keeping since me and my family decided to go into lock down (day 121 by the way).

And my journey with writing seems to mirror another part of my life, and one of the things I seem to get asked for advice on by lots of folk young and old and from all sorts of walks of like — and that’s other part of my life is my career.

Or to be clear, my lack of one.

I recall coming back to the UK in 2015 and optimistically applying for jobs on LinkedIn, writing cover letters and reaching out to recruiters.

I had started this process whilst still in Oz on the advice of a life coach (side bar — if you ever have the chance to avail the services of a coach I highly recommend it, I only had two sessions with this particular one and a few with one over a couple of years later but they both provided incredible clarity at a time when I needed it); I was feeling massively uncomfortable leaving Australia. I’d been out of the UK for ten years and just didn’t know how to approach this next part of my life, her advice to me was to pick three companies that I was interested in working for and just apply for roles there.

But by the time I actually got to the UK, my unease resurfaced, I wasn’t hearing back on any of the applications I had sent out; interviews? Not even a damned reply my friend.

I got in front of some senior recruiters and in fairness they were incredibly helpful. In fact you could say that they are the reason I am where I am today.



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