Avalyn Doyle — wild is the only way to be free! I feel like everything is just too serious, to straight laced and all to uninteresting, because all too often the default discussion comes back to money (are you hustling, winning, crushing it, balling, 10xing and so on).

I’d rather gaze upon a piece of art (please share!) that sparks a moment, that makes me shed a tear. Or read a piece of writing that challenges my perception, and draws on my thirst to learn.

I’d rather be interested in things that interest, rather than that which others deem to be interesting.

And as for age and youth — there is no difference, I’ve seen spritely octogenarians running along the promeande in Brissie and I’ve seen some grey haired wonders hold their own even when their perceptions were broken down (equally I have seen some pretty lousy examples of modern youth, just as I have seen the future stars).

We are who we are — or rather we should be. And that’s my message to world.

Love who you are.

Be you.


Generalist | Thinker | Life Long Learner | Writer | Photographer

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