Aarish Shah

Jan 28, 2017

1 min read

Anna Now — Great idea and as someone who writes across a pretty broad range of subjects (including poetry, social commentary, fiction and business), I’d love to see something more centralised. My go to subjects to read on Medium are Poetry, Humour, Inspirational pieces and similar so I certainly hope that these niches are not, indeed, shrinking. I can get news, and ‘how to’ listicles in lots of places.

I’d be up for helping out in some way, but as have only started writing on Medium in the last few months I’m still finding my way around. My plan is to start a photography / prose publication and use that as a way to get a feel for the publication process here. I may make more sense for me to help after I’ve done that, but happy to start earlier if it works.

Sing out if I can be of assistance!

Generalist | Thinker | Life Long Learner | Writer | Photographer

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