10 Articles That’re GUARANTEED to BLOW Your Mind!!


My humblest of apologies folks, but the title of this piece should probably have read something like 10 Headlines in 10 Words or Less

Sorry to disappoint, but I needed to grab your attention for a second and I’ve heard that clickbait seems to do the trick. Can’t argue with the data. (Disclaimer: I haven’t actually looked at the data, I’m too lazy for that).

This is just my playful take on the era of the listicle — hope you like it!

WARNING: This article includes some truths (also known as reverse alternative facts), not for the weak of fortitude or those unable to take a joke (you know who you are).

I finished school. Then I got a job

I need ten hours, turn off that damned alarm

Be a nice person, don’t be a bitch. Listen.

Moved to PNG for 10 years. 1–10 Worked arse off

Don’t spend shitloads of money. Build a profitable business.

Denied myself crappy food and moved as much as possible

Save. Invest. Repeat. DO NOT Spend all your money.

They’re making it up as they go along

Stop setting alarm to 5, hitting snooze when it sounds

Write. Write again. Write some more. Write more often.

Well there you go folks, hope you’ve learned something, now get out there and get doing, don’t miss my next post: 5 Reasons to Stop Giving a Fuck in 2017 (actually there’s 1 really big one)

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Generalist | Thinker | Life Long Learner | Writer | Photographer

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Aarish Shah

Generalist | Thinker | Life Long Learner | Writer | Photographer